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Purpose of the policy

We always aim to provide excellent service relationship with our internal and external stakeholders.

We encourage our stakeholders to participate in providing us with their feedback regularly.

We believe that to provide a transparent and consistent service we need to improve what we do and to prevent things from going wrong.

Scope of the policy

This policy covers the following:

  1. Feedback about teachers' performance and Enthusiasm.

  2. Examination: Exam questions, duration, grading and timetable.

  3. Contacts with ICIS academic and administrative staff.

  4. ICIS technology, website, e-library, social media and video conferences.

  5. Programmes: contents and satisfaction.


Students are asked for their feedback on regular basis via email and online where students can submit their feedback by filling in a questionnaire from ICIS website.

Data collection procedure

  • The data collection from the questionnaire will be kept secure and confidential and will not be distributed to anybody.

  • The administration of the questionnaire will not identify the participants, as they are not asked to mention their personal information such as their names and address or telephone numbers.

  • Participants are informed in advance that they are free to participate or not.

  • All feedback will be treated with respect and handled securely according to data protection requirements.

  • We will not respond to feedback that is:

  • Offensive, abusive, harasses a member of staff.

  • Try to bypass the stages of the complaints procedures.

  • Complaints that we already responded.

How to contact us

Phone:           Students can call us on +4420 8450 8383

                        Our phone line are open from Monday – Friday between 9am to 5pm.

Post:               Students can send their complaints or comments to:

                        ICIS, 150DA Coles Green Road, London NW2 7JL, UK.

Email:             Students can write to us an email:


Website:         Students can fill in a complaint or send their feedback via our website:


Student when contacting us should provide their name, student reference number and telephone and preferably email to respond speedily.

We also encourage our students to contact us in other methods, including our online discussion forums or via our video conferencing.

We aim to resolve the issue immediately, but in some cases that is not possible.

The person who deals with the complaint or comment should:

  • Write the student's name, date, address, email, telephone number to check with our computer data.

  • Write down the complaint or comment.

  • Inform the students that our complaints policy is available on our website.

  • Inform the student that their complaint will be forwarded to the relevant department.

  • Inform the student that their feedback or complaint will be acknowledge receipt within 5 working day.

  • Ask the student to send their complaint or comment in writing so that it will be recorded in the complaint's own words.

  • Record the date the complaint or comment received, the person who received it, the person to whom it will be assigned.

How long it will take to respond

Our aim is to acknowledge students of receiving their complain or commend within one or two days, and to respond within two weeks.

In some instances further investigation is necessary and that may require longer time to respond.

What we will do?

Students have a right to voice complaints if they feel they are being unfairly treated or in case of dispute between one student and another.  To resolve a dispute, students in the first instance should seek their tutor’s advice.  If the problem is not resolved by tutor’s advice, the Registry would consider the case for any appropriate settlement.  Should the problem still persist, the student may ask for a meeting of an Arbitration Committee including the student, the tutor, the programme Leader and presided by Head of Department. 


In general, our principles are based on the following so that each complaint:

  • Is treated seriously and with fairness

  • Dealt with without undue delay, and in as straightforward a manner as possible

  • Treated consistently across ICIS

  • Dealt with and resolved, wherever possible, in an informal way

  • Progressed through stages leading, if necessary, to a formal stage

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