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Robin Ludlow, executive director of the British Council for the recognition of university studies says:

"This university has a clear and unambiguous message to provide students who do not have the opportunity to study in their own countries to provide tertiary education at the highest scientific level."


Frederick Mayor's former UNESCO director-general says:

«This university offers UNESCO a great asset that can solve the problem of higher education in many countries. "


Prof. Dr. Hasan al-Hakim, former University of Kufa says:

«That university has demonstrated its scientific competence and ability to carry the knowledge brigade and continue the path with scientific research and academic lesson sober she dug her name on the walls of the time in the list of creative scientific institutions, so we looked at her.


Dr. Hasan Chalabi, president of the Lebanese University says:

"We have found in this project a pioneering experience in higher education that can benefit education not only at the level of a particular state or country but at all universities wherever they exist."


Dr. Hasan the former Iraqi cultural attaché in London says:

"By being here, this university institution is a cultural beacon that radiates the true sciences of Islam throughout the world. It requires the support and backing of everyone and I will never be shorter at it.».

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